Filming, TV & Broadcast

Increasing demand to stay airborne for a prolonged period to ensure that all action is captured, means a long flight duration is of huge benefit in this application.

  • Capture all the action
  • Fewer returns -to-base required to achieve unbroken coverage
  • Greater potential to capture footage while ‘waiting for something to happen’


A long flight duration means that a large acreage can be covered and a 5kg payload gives a wide scope to the variety of equipment that can be utilised.  

  • Cover Large Areas
  • Quiet operation reduces impact on livestock
  • Potential for targeted spraying


    Inspection of large or linear assets can be very time consuming if your UAV continually needs to return to base. Using hydrogen means that you can spend more time in the air, therefore saving you time and money. 

    • Long range inspections possible
    • Less down time
    • More covered in a day’s inspection


    Mines and quarries are large complex systems which require constant monitoring of the perimeter, haul roads, assets, stockpiles, tailings dams etc. This usually involves a team of people, often operating in dangerous environments, while making assessments from ground level. UAVs can carry out the checks while generating useful data and covering a large area quickly. With so many tasks to complete, a UAV with extended flight duration means more data generated in every flight. 

    • Generate more data from each flight
    • Eliminate battery recharging

    Environmental Monitoring

    Natural processes can take place over a long period and a UAV with extended flight duration keeps your ‘eye in the sky’ in place for longer to monitor changes.

     Extended flight without using internal combustion engine does not contribute to pollution

    Mapping & Surveying

    Large areas normally require multiple returns to base for battery swap and recharging. Hydrogen significantly reduces the need to do this, increasing productivity and reducing the time required to survey a given area.

    Emergency Services

    BVLOS capabilities will become very important to the use of UAVs for emergency services, including search and rescue operations. We believe that in the future BVLOS will be allowed when legislation, technology and infrastructure enable it. Being able to stay in the air for longer will take advantage of BVLOS operation.

    • Extended flight duration will enable users to truly gain benefit from BVLOS operation
    • The heavy lift capability of the hydrogen UAV will support payloads that are essential for long range operations