Project RACHEL

The Future of UAV Technology


A longer flight duration will open-up new UAV applications as well as improving current capabilities. This project will develop a hydrogen fuel cell powered UAV with an hour’s flight time, carrying a 5kg payload and remaining below 20kg MTOM / takeoff weight. 

Supported by Innovate UK.

60 Minutes Flight Time

Whether seeking productivity, increased flexibility or simply convenience, be prepared for a market leading step change in endurance


5kg Payload Capability

Lifting the limits of payload carrying capability to new heights, delivering exciting new opportunities for operators

Less Recharging, More Flying

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the key to overcoming limited flight times of conventional UAV power sources

Safe And Secure

Safe operation in the field and during flight, protecting you and the environment

Power Dense Design

Even with a large payload, the power density of the design provides optimal lift and manoeuvrability

Multiple Applications

Delivering benefits for multiple applications with step change enhancement in flight longevity and a class leading payload weight

Project Team

Working in collaboration, led by Productiv the project partners are committed to delivering a class leading solution to the UAV market.


Productiv connects exceptional innovators, investors and those seeking technological solutions. 

They help innovators transform their ideas into profitable products that can be manufactured in scalable volumes and form a viable business. Investors engage with them to find technology-led investment opportunities. Productiv shows businesses and their customers how problems can be solved by the technologically advanced products that they help to develop. 

For project RACHEL they will deliver a hydrogen-powered commercial UAV to be market ready by 2019, with a user-friendly and cost-effective portable refuelling solution. 


BATCAM provides live drone aerials for the UK’s major sporting events including, Premier League, Champions League, Formula 1, Formula E, FA Cup, Athletics, Horse Racing and Cricket. As the UK UAV market leader BATCAM will showcase the system on live broadcasts across the world. “Flight times have always been a limiting factor for our systems, we are proud to be part of a project which aims to make short flight times a thing of the past.” Alastair Soutar, COO BATCAM.


Intelligent Energy is a fuel cell engineering company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of its Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products, for customers in the automotive, stationary power and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sectors.  Fuel cells are used in multiple applications, where clean, lightweight, high efficiency and cost-effective power is required.  Intelligent Energy is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices and representation in the US, Japan, India and China. Their world leading fuel cell technology will be key to achieving the project’s long endurance and payload capacity targets, plus bring additional benefits such as offering near-silent operation and zero-vibration when compared to internal combustion engines. Intelligent Energy shall also work with its supply chain to support the commissioning and trial of the hydrogen refuelling solution.

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